Superman & Batman, Episode 36

October 6th, 2015  Posted at   Superman & Batman

Superman & BatmanWelcome to episode 36 of SUPERMAN & BATMAN, featuring your two favorite heroes in one podcast together!

The show’s premise is simple: Each episode, host Michael Bradley celebrates seven decades of the World’s Finest heroes by looking at stories featuring the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, chosen at random mostly from the pages of World’s Finest Comics.

This episode

“The Alien Who Doomed Robin”

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION: World’s Finest Comics #110 (cover date June 1960)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Superman and Batman not-fighting to fight for Robin’s life!

ALSO FEATURING: Robin, a goofy looking alien and proof that Gotham City has way to many chemical factories.

PLUS: A look at the book’s other content and what else was on the stands!

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2 Responses to “Superman & Batman, Episode 36”

  1. Ryan Daly says:

    I have to admit, the time delay between finding out I won the contest and hearing it announced on this episode confused me. I didn’t expect to hear you announce the selection on this episode and I started thinking you were going to mention a second winner who maybe got to keep the lunchbox. I was distracted enough that when you actually said my name, it was like winning for a second time. Thanks again for the Showcase Presents World’s Finest collection. It’s terrific! I’m always happy to support this podcast as every episode introduces me to–or revisits–a wonderful story starring some of my favorite characters.

    And if all that wasn’t enough, hearing my favorite Janis Joplin song close out the episode made it all the sweeter.

    • Michael says:

      Yeah, I jumped the gun in notifying you. Or more to the point, I should’ve done the drawing last episode. Ah well! Congrats again.

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