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November 20th, 2014  Posted at   Parallel Lines: The DC Comics Tangent Universe Podcast

Welcome to the world of Tangent Comics — where you only know the names. Parallel Lines: A DC Comics Tangent Universe Podcast is a bi-weekly, issue-by-issue exploration of DC Comics’ Tangent Universe events, hosted by Shawn Engel and Michael Bradley.

Tangent/Batman #1

“An innocent was wrenched from my grasp — and must be returned, lest salvation elude me forever.”

The second wave of Tangent books begins with THE BATMAN as an brooding crusader from days of yore stalks modern-day streets in the name of justice. But when a woman is abducted, can this dark knight atone for his own past sins and save the damsel before experiencing a knight … fall (sorry)? Find out as we look at “Covenant of Iron,” courtesy of comic book legends Dan Jurgens and Klaus Janson!

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Tangent/Batman backmatter

NEXT TIME: The reign begins with THE SUPERMAN #1!

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