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Random Panel #5

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The Shuster Sports Arena

As part of the celebration of the legacy of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the site will, from time to time, showcase tributes, Easter Eggs and homages paid to one or both of them in stories. First up is this … Continue reading

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Random Panel #4

This historic meeting, which had to seem silly even to kids in 1962, is from Supergirl’s third encounter with the Legion of Super-Heroes. The first two also were written by Jerry Siegel.

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Amazing Stories, August 1929

It isn’t a secret that both Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were readers and fans of science-fiction and adventure pulps. Years before comic books picked up the practice — or were even invented, for that matter — the publishers of … Continue reading

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Upcoming: Silver Age Superman reprints

DC released their latest round of solicitations earlier this week, which included not one but two volumes of material reprinting, among other things, Silver Age Superman stories written by Jerry Siegel. With “Man of Steel” due to hit theaters in … Continue reading

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