Superman & Batman, Episode 13

March 25th, 2014  Posted at   Superman & Batman

Superman & BatmanWelcome to episode 13 of SUPERMAN & BATMAN, featuring your two favorite heroes in one podcast together!

The show’s premise is simple: Each episode, host Michael Bradley celebrates seven decades of the World’s Finest heroes by looking at stories featuring the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, chosen at random mostly from the pages of World’s Finest Comics.

This episode

“Saga of the Super-Sons!”

GUEST HOST: Emily Middleton of Uncovering the Bronze Age and Shortbox Showcase!

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION: World’s Finest Comics #215 (cover date December-January 1972)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Superman and Batman: The Next Generation (- Worf + random biker gang)!

ALSO FEATURING: Angst and the most insane thing you will ever see Superman do in a comic!

PLUS: A rundown of the book’s other contents and a look at what else was on the stands!

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4 Responses to “Superman & Batman, Episode 13”

  1. Hi Michael,

    The direct download link takes you to episode 12, not 13. Thought you’d want to know (and I really want to listen to 13!)


  2. Michael and Emily,

    Great episode! You guys should team up again. You had a great back-and-forth going there.

    When I was VERY young, I got a copy of this issue at a flea market. It blew my young mind. As the years progressed, I didn’t understand how the “Super Sons” fit into continuity. It was years before I realized these stories (and much of Haney’s output) was notorious for blatantly ignoring every other story told before it. I have the TPB now, and I really enjoyed the whacky stories, despite some of the silliness that would make most Silver Age writers cringe. Haney was the last of the “Old Guard” to work at DC, and I think one reason he was eventually pulled off the mainstream titles and sent over to “The Unknown Soldier” strip was because he didn’t want to let go of some of his more…out there concepts and ideas.

    But his stories never fail to entertain, and their zany nature makes them stand out when many of his peers work seems very homgonized and alike.

    The O’Neil “wrap-up” to the Super Sons series is just awful. It’s obvious he was basically throwing up a finger to Haney’s stories, and that’s just not cool. Not sure if that was and editorial edict or not, but it’s probably the most disappointing O’Neil tale I ever read, and I’m a huge fan, like Emily. The Sons rather glib rejection of their reality and acceptance of their non-existence is more laughable than anything Haney ever cooked up. Even the TPB calls it a buzzkill!

    Again, great show, and I look forward to the sequel on Emily’s show, and more World’s Finest action here!


  3. Michael says:

    Direct download link fixed. Thanks for the catch. Glad you found (and enjoyed) the episode!

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