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September 25th, 2012  Posted at   Green Lantern's Light

Welcome to episode 12 of Green Lantern’s Light! Each episode, we look at the stories of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and the entire Green Lantern Corps, beginning with GREEN LANTERN #172 from 1983.

It’s the beginning of a brand new era for the Green Lanterns as the guys look at GREEN LANTERN #201, 202 and #203. Redesigned costumes! New characters! Funny animals! This one’s got it all, folks! Plus, more Transformers and Go-Bots references than should really be allowed in one podcast.

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September 25th, 2012  Posted at   The Thrilling Adventures of Superman

The Thrilling Adventures of SupermanWelcome to episode 89 of The Thrilling Adventures of Superman. The show’s mission is to explore the history and development of the Superman in his formative years by chronicling the Man of Steel’s Golden Age adventures in comics, radio and film.

This time, Michael concludes his look at a story so big that it couldn’t be contained by just one episode. Continuing on from episode 88, the 18th storyline from the Superman radio show showcases Superman once more squaring off against the diabolical genius of the Yellow Mask!

“At the moment, we score enough for my friend, Mr. Clark Kent”
The Yellow Mask

Links mentioned in the episode:, Jim Bowers’ Web site, celebrating “Superman: The Movie” and the life and legacy of Christopher Reeve

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