Parallel Lines, Episode 1

Welcome to the world of Tangent Comics — where you only know the names. Parallel Lines: A DC Comics Tangent Universe Podcast is a bi-weekly, issue-by-issue exploration of DC Comics’ Tangent Universe events, hosted by Shawn Engel and Michael Bradley.

Tangent/The Atom #1

“America’s greatest family — your life — was built on lies!

It all starts here! The Tangent Universe gets off to an explosive beginning as your hosts, Shawn Engel and Michael Bradley, take a look at THE ATOM #1! Meet the Tangent Universe’s nuclear family — a superheroic dynasty dating back three generations. Follow along and learn the shocking secret that lies in their past … and how it connects to the very roots of the Tangent Universe itself. All brought to you in “Truth,” a story by comics legends Dan Jurgens and Paul Ryan.

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Tangent/The Atom backmatter, page 1 Tangent/The Atom backmatter, page 2
Backmatter from the issue (click to enlarge)

NEXT TIME: War action with Metal Men #1

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3 Responses to “Parallel Lines, Episode 1”

  1. Jadine says:

    *lots of intense screaming*

    I am SO happy to find people talking about Tangent! It’s one of my favorite DC experiments/publishing lines of all time, but alas, obscure enough that there’s not much fan material or discussions about it (unlike, say, Amalgam!) So I’m super pleased to see a PODCAST of all things, about Tangent!

    I’m also really glad to see you guys having an open mind about it (currently halfway through this episode) — not many people do, especially with Tangent. I’m enjoying it!

    Just a lot of thanks <3

  2. Michael says:

    Awesome, Jadine. I agree — not enough people giving these books attention, which was part of the impetus to do the podcast. Glad you’re enjoying the show! Hope you liked Episode 2, and will like future episodes as well.

  3. […] Our second year of guest hosts kicked off with Shawn Engel, who joined us for episode 31. Shawn leapt onto the podcast scene with his Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner-focused podcast, Just One Of The Guys. We asked Shawn to join us for the Fantastic Four’s first crossover with the X-Men, and for a Strange Tales issue featuring the most underwhelming team of super-powered henchmen in Marvel’s entire history of publishing.¬†As well as chronicling the 1990s Green Lantern comics, Shawn also wrangles a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine discussion podcast, Listen To The Prophets, and is a co-host on Parallel Lines: The DC Comics Tangent Universe podcast. […]

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