Parallel Lines, Episode 16

February 12th, 2015  Posted at   Parallel Lines: The DC Comics Tangent Universe Podcast

Welcome to the world of Tangent Comics — where you only know the names. Parallel Lines: A DC Comics Tangent Universe Podcast is a bi-weekly, issue-by-issue exploration of DC Comics’ Tangent Universe events, hosted by Shawn Engel and Michael Bradley.

Tangent/Tales of the Green Lantern #1

Three names. Three lives lost. But which is … or was mine? If indeed any was.”

One of the biggest mysteries from Tangent’s first wave was the Green Lantern. This time, the Emerald Enigma returns to shed light — pun intended because, hey, why not? — on her origin. But of the three stories presented, which is the real deal? Listen in and decided as a whole host of comic book greats bring more TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN!

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Tangent/Tales of the Green Lantern #1 backmatter

NEXT TIME: Girl power with Powergirl!

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