Whatever happened to the blog of tomorrow?

February 1st, 2017  Posted at   News of Interest
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Visitors to the site likely have noticed there hasn’t been new content in quite some time. The reasons for this are many and varied, but suffice to say, right now, it just isn’t in the cards for the blog to be as active as it once was. However, when and if things align down the road, I hope to return to the many podcast and blog projects I’ve been a part of, including (but not limited to) Superman & Batman, Supergirl Mondays, The Thrilling Adventures of Superman and Super-Hearing.

In the meantime, I invite you to take a look at other small projects I’m involved with that help me continue to contribute to fandom and share my love of comics and the Man of Steel:

THE STACK: Part reading journal. Part cover gallery. All comics. In short, it goes like this: I read a comic, I post the cover, and sometimes I get snarky about it. A fun way to add some comics into your Facebook feed.

THE DAILY SUPERMAN: I provide content for this site (a sister site to The Daily Batman). The premise is simple. Every day, I read a Superman comic. The blog chronicles that super idea.

Thank you, not to just those who choose to support these projects, but to all who have supported this blog and my podcast endeavors throughout the past six-plus years.

One Response to “Whatever happened to the blog of tomorrow?”

  1. Hope you are well and happy and safe and strong. I look forward to your eventual return to podcasting, but I will be patient and respectful in my waiting.